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Getting a job is simple! Just have a job already

Ever stopped to think about how you need "good credit" or a "long work history" in order to get loans and jobs, respectively?

More specifically, have you ever stopped to think about how that affects young adults that don't have their first loan and/or a job yet??

Good luck at "hitting the ground running" after high school, future workers of the world!

#ReallyMakesYouThunk #Catch22 #ToGetAJobYouMustGetAJob #ToBorrowMoneyYouMustBorrowMoney

When in doubt, talk about covid

It's been a while since I have published a post for this (dumb) blog, so I thought I would rekindle (non-existent) interest:

I understand wearing a mask during a respiratory virus pandemic should slow the spread of the virus, but the means of distribution resemble that of a very poorly ran drug operation -- that is sold on street corners by someone risking their life.

If some entrepreneur is selling masks on the corner, more importantly to every person in a 5 mile radius of whom is not or has not been wearing a mask, then the mask seller is covered in germs from all of the not-so-contactless transactions throughout the day.

Following this logic, anyone that buys a mask on a corner just so they can be let into a store has also very likely exposed themselves unnecessarily to the virus in the process.

I know this is too intelligent for this blog, but can anyone out there take proper action to get the population personal protective equipment for necessary grocery store visitations?

#Covid19 #SometimesDumbPeopleAreSmart #FirstTimeLongTime #Huh #MakesYouThunk

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