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When in doubt, talk about covid

It's been a while since I have published a post for this (dumb) blog, so I thought I would rekindle (non-existent) interest:

I understand wearing a mask during a respiratory virus pandemic should slow the spread of the virus, but the means of distribution resemble that of a very poorly ran drug operation -- that is sold on street corners by someone risking their life.

If some entrepreneur is selling masks on the corner, more importantly to every person in a 5 mile radius of whom is not or has not been wearing a mask, then the mask seller is covered in germs from all of the not-so-contactless transactions throughout the day.

Following this logic, anyone that buys a mask on a corner just so they can be let into a store has also very likely exposed themselves unnecessarily to the virus in the process.

I know this is too intelligent for this blog, but can anyone out there take proper action to get the population personal protective equipment for necessary grocery store visitations?

#Covid19 #SometimesDumbPeopleAreSmart #FirstTimeLongTime #Huh #MakesYouThunk

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  1. It's not because he doesn't have a mask it's because he's black...


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