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No Man Plays -- probably on sale now


The 7 must represent how many people actually play.


Those who do not understand can be placed into either of two categories:
1. Ignorant
2. Stupid

When dealing with those who don't understand, the ignorant are king. By definition, ignorance is the lack of knowledge despite the knowledge being easily available. Due to this, ignorance can be easily remedied by education.

Contrarily, stupidity by definition cannot be fixed. Stupidity is essentially perpetual ignorance -- it is ignorance that cannot be remedied by education.

That one subscriber is a lifesaver

The site was down for an extended period of time today due to my own stupidity ironically enough...
I didn't realize there was a problem until my only subscriber told me so... (Cheers!)

Millennial Phonetic Alphabet (that no one wants nor cares about)

Day four of the (not so) epic journey of creating content for a (not so) amazing blog.

To be sure that I was producing (subpar) quality content "by the books", I did research on what a blog is.
How fitting for my dumb blog that I purchase a domain, put the site live, and THEN decide to do research on what a blog is/entails...

Per, a blog is a regularly updated website written in an informal or conversational style.
Wonderful! What can be more informal than consistently professing how naive my blog and I are?

Nonetheless, despite my (insurmountable) shortcomings, I have settled on a topic for today's post:

Have you ever realized how bored you are with the widely accepted NATO Phonetic Alphabet?
If you work Customer Service, Help Desk, or for the military then you are very likely accustomed to saying Romeo and Juliet on a regular basis (despite never having read Shakespeare in grade school -- Spark Notes ftw).

The wait (that you didn't know you were waiting for) is over!
I kindly introduce the "Phonetic Alphabet -- Millennial Edition":

Dank memes
Jim Jefferies
Nobody uses Myspace anymore
Office 365
Umbrella Corp

My Dumb Blog Grand Opener Post

This is the first post ever of this blog.

Straight out the door I have said nothing but the obvious in the first paragraph of my blog.
At this point it may be necessary to explain the purpose of this blog (albeit awkwardly now).

My blog is being written for the following 3 reasons:

1. At times, I become curious and feel it necessary to write (dumb) ideas down, so this blog will be my outlet.

2. In the off chance my (dumb) ideas have some sort of insight or real world application, I would like others to benefit.

3. I feel it necessary to write in a way that will make my blog live up to the chosen domain name (

The reality of the impact of my blog after ambitiously adhering to the so called purpose of this (dumb) blog:

a. First and foremost, people will feel that they have completely wasted their time after reading any given post. (In other words, a 100% disappointment rate -- efficient huh?)

b. The best of the (dumb) posts will, by nature, be an oxymoron. (The equivalent of finding a replacement keyboard you desperately needed, except its missing the WASD keys, CTRL+ALT+DEL keys, and the ENTER key.)

c. I myself will regret deeply having posted the majority (if not all) of the content. This is mostly due to the sheer fact that writing a dumb blog will be an oxymoron. More specifically, the more effort I place in writing the blog will make it too good to be posted. I am therefore required to consider what the archetype of intelligent is and then proceed to post the opposite. Explaining item c. has already evolved into a case in point scenario, and I am therefore required to cease immediately.

d. The blog will be amusing to some individuals despite the odds of this happening being heavily stacked against it.

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